Equipment House Options - Looking for Advice/Ideas


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Aug 28, 2009
So, we're doing a major renovation of the backyard, complete with an underground AGP (covered by deck).

I'm facing a delimma with what do to with the pool equipment, whether to:

1) put it under the deck and try to insulate for noise abatement (access via door to under deck.)
2) build a little mini equipment house on the end of the deck
3) use an existing metal building I have, but possibly dress it up

I calculated the voltage drop at the max, and I'm within like 4 volts, so I should be good to go there on any of the options.

I could paint the shed, and maybe change out the doors.

The deck will be redwood, so I could just take a corner and frame in a "room" for the pump, SWG, etc. that would be smallish, 3x5 inside with a little roof, and cover it with redwood to match.

Does anyone have any ideas (or pics of existing) for how to go about this?

This is what the pool/deck will look like. I threw in the shed in the background as a mockup:

This is the shed (ignore the high grass, it won't stop raining...)



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May 7, 2008
Virginia Beach, VA
I don't want to make a recommendation of where the equipment should go, but make sure you consider the following:
- you'll want plenty of space around and above the equipment for ease of service
- you may want additional space for future additions, like a heat pump or solar or whatever
- I recommend you either wire out plenty of electricity or put the equipment in a place that it's easy to do that in the future; you may want to add a heater or bigger pump or what not in the future
- there are sometimes leaks, or when servicing equipment there can be a lot of water dumped around the equipment, make sure whatever surface it's on won't be affected

Your design looks great, I hope it comes together and you have many years of enjoyment.


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Jul 28, 2008
I vote for the shed.

It's what I did. It was a ton of work digging an 18" deep 50 foot long trench but it is very nice having the equipment out of the way of the elements and noise.

FYI I have the exact same metal shed from Home Depot. I cut out some of the OSB floor and laid down a "heat pump pad" and set the equipment on it.

It is a tad tight in there to work on it as I was lazy and brought right inside the shed doors vs setting it back. If I did it over again I would go ahead move it all further up into the shed.

Also digging out the ground from inside the shed sucked as the ceiling is fairly short inside there.

Even with all of that though I still say the shed.


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