Equipment Distance from each other and in doors


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Feb 10, 2016
I am in process of designing my layout for new build and have come up with the idea to have the pipes go into my detached garage and then have the pump in the garage which will then wrap around the garage and lead back out of the opposite corner of the garage where I will place the filter. Then I will come right back in the garage go into the salt generator and then lead back out to opposite corner and back through the wall and into the ground.

My questions are:

Is there a limit to how far each piece of equipment should be from each other (Pump from filter from SWG?)

My thought process of doing this are putting filter out of sight without digging up the entire lawn

Keeping pump and SWG in doors for protection as well as not to hear and see

All electric will be in doors

Any part of this I have not thought through?

Pump Red
Filter Orange
SWG Purple
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Jul 21, 2013
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Pumps spring leaks. When you clean the pump filter basket water can leak out. SWGs explode and catch on fire. You want that in your garage?


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Jun 8, 2015
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Do not see any gas however those must be between 3-4ft from any dwelling opening. Check your local Regs!!

Why put equipment rated for outdoor exposure inside?



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Jul 10, 2012
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Nope, nope,nope. You do NOT want to do that. This is "wet" work. You want it outside. It will be so much easier to have it around the corner of your garage. If you want to "protect" it from the sun you can build a little roof over it or something.



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Aug 17, 2012
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How exactly do you think they are going to dig that ginormous hole that will be needed for your new pool? Sadly, their will probably nothing left of that beautiful lawn once they tear down a portion of your wall for bobcat /excavator access. I would probably hide the equipment behind a 5ft wall in the left corner of your yard next to the garage. Sorry about the harshness, but pool construction can be a rollercoaster of emotions. Once it is done, it will be worth it.
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