Equipment Advice Requested - Need to replace due to freeze damage


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May 16, 2017
Hi All,

Our pool equipment needs to be replaced due to freezing temps. Our pool is roughly 13.5-14k gallons and I have a spa attached.

SPECS from my current equipment:

2hp single speed pump (electricity hog!)
60sf DE Filter
400k BTU Rheem Heater (I think heater is fine)
2" Piping at pool pad
Jandy two way valves (cracked)

THOUGHTS on new equipment:

Pentair 3hp variable speed pump
Cartridge Filter (not sure on size).
Jandy neverlube valves


With my 2" pipe size, am I overdoing it with a 3hp variable speed pump? I read somewhere to not go over 73GPM with 2" piping

What size/brand cartridge filter would you all recommend?

Thanks for any advice you all can offer.


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Jan 17, 2012
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Big VS pumps give you options- from very low to very high. Don't discount that 3hp thinking its too big.

Do you have or want automation? Best to keep all equipment in same brand for ease of automation talking to each other. Pentair is a good brand.

Cartridge filters also are best when big. The larger they are, the less often you have to clean them.

How do you chlorinate??

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May 16, 2017
Thank you for the quick reply.

I would like to set up automation in the future so it would be great to have equipment that would work for that.

I chlorinate with liquid chlorine and that has worked great for the past couple of years.
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Oct 25, 2015
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Normal design practice for liquid flow is ~7 ft/sec to reduce friction loss and potential erosion and that's where the 73 gpm comes from. Going a little higher won't hurt and even much higher for short periods won't hurt. You will not likely every need max flow but when you have a VS pump it's really a variable horsepower pump. If you ever want to add a lot of equipment or features such as roof mounted solar you'll have plenty of power. The pump your showing is one of the best on the market and favored by many experts here. Not sure if there's a lower hp power pump with the same quality but it's well thought of by experts on here. For your cartridge get the biggest you can fit. I have a personal preference for Pentair but all brands are similar for the cartridge. I normally avoid Jandy for everything but valves due to their warranty for DIY. They provide zero DIY warranty for anything except valves and valve parts. Others reduce warranty but at least they don't eliminate it.

I hope this helps.

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