Epoxy Putty or Injectable Urethane for sealing up screw holes in Gunite Pool?


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Jun 19, 2013
Sunny Florida
Hey guys, when we tiled our waterline, the company drilled into my gunite to make anchors to hold up tiles while they cured. I was not there during the day and didnt see the process (sigh), I just see now all the small holes from drilling. Anyhow, maybe this is just the way its done for heavier tiles, not sure.

My question is, what should be used the seal the drilled holes? Epoxy pool putty or some type of urethane? Can you recommend any brand?

Also, I wanted to repair the diamond brite on it, do I just mix a bit of cement and quartz sand with blue food color for touch ups?


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Oct 5, 2007
Valrico, FL
I would use epoxy. You do not want anything that contracts or expands during curing. Also epoxy will cure under water where most other filler will not.

If you pool is Diamond Brite, then patching with Diamond Brite would be the way to go if the holes are above te water line (dry). I have Pebble Tech on my pool, and the matrix was standard pool plaster with the stones embedded in it.
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