EnergyStar Spas?

Darkside of the Pool

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Jul 20, 2010
Ecosmart has struck again!

For those of you who do not know ecosmart, it is the company who had the misfortune of creating HUGE layers of BS (notably through the marketing of ''chlorine-free'' sanitation systems). Scouting their site quickly lead to shiny pearls of disinformation :roll: :

- How salt is dangerous for you pool. Ask anyone living near the ocean how rust destroys cars and such. (Saltwater generators need about 4000ppm salt in pools, Sea Water is at a towering 35000ppm.)

- How adding ANY type of chlorine adds stabilizer. (Nothing about calcium.)

and such...

On a few occasions, they try to spread this disinformation on forums, either openly as employees of EcoSmarte or faking satisfied customers. On more than one occasion they have fought against those who defend the truth, sounding like pre-recorded drones as they do. Chemgeek KO'd one in a spectacular fashion.

(On a sidenote, I should put these famous threads somewhere on my PC. Hope someone can bring it.)

Just a heads-up. The mention ''Certified EnergyStar'' won't ever appear on a spa. EVER. (Is it a Canadian-only certification?)

Although, being in the industry, I highly value the benefits of such systems, they are Energy-Consuming and Inneficient by definition, and also require great deals of chemicals. EnergyStar cannot apply on a spa. Ennergy-efficiency as an argument is probably fraudulent anyways.

Well, believe it or not, there is a division EcoSmart Spas (other was Dynasty Spas) and they began that same old routine of BSing to prey on the uninformed. ... haude.html

Sadly, the source is in french, but I bet it can be translated rather easily. Occured in Alberta, Canada. Competition Bureau Canada finally stepped in. Good news. Keep your eyes open, folks.