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Aug 2, 2021
Perth, Australia
Hi Folks,

I currently have a pool pump, heat pump, filter, and chlorinator/ph doser all on one plumbing circuit for my pool. While currently ok, I do have dedicated plumbing inlets and outlets for heating. So I can run the heat pump separately to the chlorinator etc, I'd like to buy a seperate pump so the heat pump can control this (the heat pump has an inbuilt controller which runs the pump according to timers, then turns it off when it reaches the set temperature, then turns on every hour to heat the pool again if the temperature drops too much).

The flow needed for the heater is relatively low - about 100L/m (or 26 g/m) and the total head is >3m. no more than 8m of combined piping length from suction, to heat pump, then return.

I am looking around for a cheap, very energy efficient pump, and ideally one that is as quiet as possible. I've found some fixed 0.5HP ones here in Australia (Davey whisper) only pulling 450w/1.9 Amps. Pool shop is trying to convince me that I should spend 2x the price on a variable speed as they can pull even lower, but I cant find any current/RPM graphs which articulate how little these pumps can draw.

Looking for any recommendations for pumps folks would suggest. Should I go variable and spend almost 2x as much, or just a simple low HP fixed? Any recommendations on any low HP, low cost, energy efficient and quiet pumps?

Thank you!


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Jul 3, 2013
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Welcome to TFP :)

My 1.65 hp VS pump can run at 50 watts pulling less than an amp.. it is amazing how low VS pumps can go and how much money they can save you...

With that said what is the lowest flow the heater can use... If it needs 35 GPM a low flowing VS pump may not work well running low rpm.. it may need to be at 1500 rpm and that can be around 120 watts depending on HP rating...

You will need to look at the 1 speed pump for how much it will flow/gpm, if it does not move enough water it will also not work...

So for a pump that you can set up for a certain rpm the VS is your best bet :)
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