embarassing question - draining the pool


Jun 23, 2009
Columbia, SC
I've had my 21000 gallon inground vinyl pool for four years now and I don't know how to drain it. I'm not talking about draining it completely (though I don't know how to do that either) but if I want to lower the water anywhere below the skimmer basket I'm not sure how. I know how to put it on waste and pump out water through the skimmer basket but once it starts sucking in air I've obviously got to stop the pump. I've got a main drain at the bottom of the pool, but my diverter doesn't allow me to close the skimmer basket intake and use only the drain at the bottom. (I can do the opposite, that is close the drain at the bottom and leave only the skimmer intake working) I've tried using one of the vacuum hoses but it usually doesn't seal tight enough to keep the air out as it draws water into the skimmer intake. After just a little time I stop doing that because there's too much air in the system and its not really drawing in water very well. I have tried blocking the skimmer basket intake with a tennis ball which was someone successful but it too began allowing too much air in the system. Can anyone set me straight.


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May 3, 2009
Go to the pool store and buy a plug....only a few bucks and it will seal better than your tennis ball.
Pay attention to what size your piping is before you go though.


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Mar 29, 2007
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A couple suggestions:

1) Run your garden hose into the skimmer while using the vac hose to keep from drawing air. Your pump should drain the pool faster than the hose fills it.

2) Pick up a SP 1091 Z 7. Its an adapter that screws into the skimmer port which is tapered to accept a hose. A couple wraps of teflon on the threads and a clamp on the hose should keep you airtight.

Make sure that the end of the hose that swivels is on the vachead!