Email notification test, someone please reply.

The Mermaid Queen

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Mar 28, 2007
Northern KY
When I post, there are 5 lines below the message box, called Options: HTML, BBcode, smilies, etc. The last one is Notify me when a response is posted. It is automatically checked because I have that preference set, also.

Is you email addy correct in your profile? Could your email be weeding your notices as spam? Is your email set to check for new mesages frequently while you are online? That's all I know to check.

I'm sure sean can help, or another mod.

HTH (not the pool chemicals! 8) )


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That's exactly right. You have to have your preferences set, either in you profile or in each individual message. I prefer to get a response to each message. Of course, I try to read every post that is made as well. :cool: I hope that one day soon, that isn't possible. :grin: