Electrical use of pump


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Mar 17, 2010
Spring, TX
I see a lot of talk on here about running your pump a lot will cost a lot of money. I run my pump at least 12-14 hrs per day. It has not seemed to really do much to my electrical bill. I see a lot of people talk about running it a lot will really increase your electricity bill. The only reason maybe mine is not affected as much is I do have gas appliances such as hot water heater, dryer, stove and in the winter gas heater. I do pay a balanced budget each month, but I also see the actual cost of my bill as well. I am in texas, more precise Houston and we do have to use the AC a lot as it is hot here. My bill had been below 250.00, until the past few months when it has jumped up above 350.00. This is with two ac units and a 2700 square foot home and also running a small window unit 24/7. My pump is a one cycle pump 3/4 hp.

So why does everyone say running your pump 24/7 will really increase your light bill?


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May 3, 2007
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It depends on where you live and what you pay for electricity. You show a 1 HP, 1.4 SF pump which probably uses around 1400 watts to run and at 12 hrs per day, that would be about 500 kwh per month. If you pay only $0.10 per kwh, that is only $50. However, in CA in tier 4, we pay $0.40 /kwh or for for your pump and run time would be $200 / month. So what people experience can vary wildly.


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May 7, 2007
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The size of the pump is important as well. Someone with a 2 HP pump is using a lot more electricity than someone with a 3/4 HP pump.