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Jun 12, 2012
Hello everyone. Now that I have my plan in place (AquaPlus panel with 40k T-Cell fed by 4x6 AWG conductors on a 50A breaker) I am looking for some ideas of how others did their electrical post. I was planning to use a single 4x4 in the ground, adjacent to my equipment pad, but with the AquaPlus, I might want something more substantial. Thinking two 4x4 with some 2x10s between them to make a "board".

Always nice to see how others did it though, both to refine my idea or even come up with something better! I will be building this to (likely next year) reside under the raised pool deck. Until then, it will be exposed to the elements.

Side question, I am a bit concerned having the AquaPlus outside over the winter (Northern Ontario Canada). Anyone else can comment on the "weather-proofness" of the AquaPlus or perhaps some sort of cover/shelter for the unit?


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Jul 16, 2012
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I did exactly what you are contemplating and I've been very pleased with it's appearance and functionality over the years. I recommend making it large to accommodate multiple uses. I have what I believe is the same enclosure you will have. It is fully weatherproof and I've been satisfied on that front. I have considered building a roof of some type extending up from the 4x4's and over to the wall behind it, but have never gotten around to it.

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