Electrical Box out of room


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Jan 28, 2019
Nashville, TN
I have a sub-panel outside that powers:

Main Pump
Water fountain boost pump
Vacuum boost pump
Slide boost pump
Landscape lighting
Pool light

Trying to add a 104 timer for the SWG since I have a VS pump.

The breaker box does not have a direct shutoff, the power shutoff i guess is in the house main panel, is this normal or to code?

I am about out of room on the 12 space panel. Is there a better box to replace the current one that might be better?


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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ


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Oct 25, 2015

I looked this up on a project to add a sub panel in our second garage. If it's in the same building a separate breaker isn't required. You can add one but it's not required by NEC, I would guess there may be some jurisdictions that require the additional disconnect but it's not required by NEC nor my local code requirement. Certain pieces of equipment do require their own disconnect like outdoor AC units.

I also used the tandem breaker that Allen suggested. on my pool panel. I have the power for my iAqualink board and the power for my irrigation controller on the tandem breaker.

I hope this helps.

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