Electric Smokers


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Jun 4, 2007
Can anyone recommend an electric smoker and where to buy it? I'm a charcoal guy but I've found it very difficult to keep a low constant heat for hours on end. I will use woods chips liberally with the electric (I promise!)

Any help/recommendations are appreciated, Thanks.


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May 30, 2007
Build one!!! Cheaper and better...

I started out with a $50 electric smoker and now have the Cadillac of all smokers/grills/cookers...

But the meat doesn't care what kind of cooker is creating the heat + smoke. Just that the heat is consistent and smoke is from a good hard wood. Some of my best meals came out of the $50 electric smoker.

That said... If I were starting out all over again... I would build a poor-man's ceramic (original idea from Alton Brown)

http://www.ntscblog.com/2005/07/little- ... ndo-q.html

http://twothirds.org/2005/09/26/smoking ... ton-brown/


I think you could actually stay under $50 and end up with a better cooker.


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May 9, 2007
San Diego
TripleB4me said:
Thanks for the recommendation. They look like they are well built and easy to use like you said. Which one do you have?
I have the smokette 009 model. It is the smallest of the bunch but big enough for me.