Electric Heater - Fan Running but Not Heating


Jul 17, 2019
Our AquaCal AeroTemp heat pump model AT 12000 installed in 2002 has stopped heating but the fan is running. My HVAC guy happened to be over servicing my boiler and I asked if he could check out the heater and he spent about 15 minutes testing some things (capacitor and something else). He thought it was probably the compressor and if so we will need a new heater due to the age of this one. While the heater was running we also noticed a draw on our power inside the house which gradually increased to about every 10 minutes so I'm wondering if I should have an electrician look at it (maybe mice chewed on wiring? but then wouldn't the heater not work at all?). Could the bad compressor cause the draw on our power? I'd rather not spend money on an electrician if it's not the electrical, I'd rather put the money towards a new heater. We've had a good run with this heater but I'd like to be certain it's reached the end - any advice?


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Jul 21, 2013
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I would not waste money on an electrician.

Get a good AC guy to look at it. A good AC guy can checkout all the electrical issues. Problem is probably around the compressor. If it is a capacitor then it is inexpensive to fix. If not a capacitor then probably time for a new HP.


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Mar 30, 2019
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It sounds as if your compressor is not running. There is a logical sequence to follow if the compressor is not running. Is the compressor getting power? If yes, is the compressor overheated and off on internal overload from a weak capacitor or bearing wear ( or possibly stuck/frozen) or low supply voltage? If no, where are you losing the power? Burnt off connection at a compressor terminal, burnt off wire at the compressor contactor or burnt contacts on the compressor contactor. These questions can be answered by taking voltage, resistance and capacitance readings at the compressor and its associated operating components. You need a technician who knows what he is doing to correctly troubleshoot the root of your heater problem.
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