EcoSmart Tankless Electric pool heaters


Jan 6, 2019
Does anyone out there have any experience with Ecosmart Tankless pool heaters. I am just looking to extend my season a month on either end, so I really can't see a gas or regular electric heater for such a short time each year. Live in Tucson Arizona. Any suggestions?


Gold Supporter
Nov 27, 2017
Corona, CA
If you're looking to use electricity to heat the pool I would look towards heat pumps instead.

Resistive heating like the EcoSmarts are going to be insanely expensive to run.

Looking at this 27kW unit:

EcoSmart - Smart Pool 27

That would require 112.5A of power! (27kW / 240V)

The wire required to run that kind of power alone would be a huge cost. Depending on the length of the run you would be looking at 1 AWG, if not larger

I would look at other options to heat the pool with electric.

But I'm no expert :)