Ecofinish Startup - Chem Help


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Mar 18, 2019
Palm Coast, FL
I just had my small fiberglass pool refinished with Ecofinish Aquabright (Pacific Blue). I am just filling this and I wish to get started right so I came to ask the experts. I don't care for pool supplier products much and have cared for my pools successfully (I think) using TFP methods. With the refurb I now have a SWG which is new to me. The instructions on Ecofinish site says to use McGrayels StartupTec which I am not familiar with and I can't get in less than a week, the pool refinisher said to use Jack's Magenta every week which I am willing to do if you guys think it's appropriate?
Instructions say to balance the chems before starting the pool system, does that mean I should use chlorine, Soda Ash, Acid, CYA before even starting to add Salt and turning on the SWG?
Sorry for the longish post but I am a bit confused on how to proceed and the pool is filling NOW.
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