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Jan 13, 2021
We are drawn to the SWG for the soft water and no smell of chlorine but yesterday a PB (not ours as we are doing it ourselves) mentioned he would do the ECO smart system. We had never heard of this before. We r struggling to find info on this but he swore by it. Need some advice on which we to go. We live in prob the hottest part of the country with our summers reaching upwards in the 110-115 F. He mentioned SWG will require additional chlorine additives due to our extreme heats in the southwest. Would this deter you from a SWG system and does anyone have experience with the ECO smart systems?


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Aug 15, 2017
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An SWCG running and sized properly with proper water balancing should get the job done very well. By the way even a chlorine pool as it's called doesn't smell of chlorine only when the water is not upto par. I have many chlorine pools and non reek of chlorine do to good water balance.


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To start: ECO smart is NOT a saltwater chlorine generator. It is a metal introduction system that will pollute your water with metals that will prevent algae but eventually stain your brand new pool. You also must continue to use chlorine to keep the water safe, which since the PB decided you don't want an SWG you'll have to add another way. You know, that thing he supposedly doesn't want you to have to do. Tell that pool builder to bugger off with that piece of junk.

Not to get too much in to "chlorine smell" and why it's neither chlorine nor has anything to do with the chlorine introduction method, but long story short is that following TFPC levels in your water will prevent this. Following it will also allow you to use an SWG just fine without extra chlorine addition. That PB likely doesn't properly size the SWG to the pool, nor recommend the proper CYA level to protect the chlorine that's produced from burning off in the desert sun. One of the keys to selecting an SWG is to take the size of your pool and pick an SWG designed for double that size. That allows you to run it for a shorter amount of time, gives you wiggle room if you need more chlorine, and if the water is properly managed the cell should last twice as long as a smaller one.


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Jul 17, 2019
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While you are certainly hotter than we are, we get pretty dang hot here too and I've never had a problem with my SWCG keeping up.

I have an IC40 rated for 40k gallons for my 13k gallon pool. Last summer I dont think I ever moved the output above 40% on it.


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May 3, 2014
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Please do not fall for that ‘magic’. SWCG is the way to go in our climate. I do suggest looking into using softened water for make up water to the pool.
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