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Feb 19, 2021
I would like to have information posted to inform people on the pros and cons of eco finish spray coatings for the different types of pools ie. fiberglass, concrete, steel etc.

My experience is that it is very unreliable product for coating concrete. It will peel sooner or later. You would be better off tiling shallow areas (mainly applicable to cold climate areas) and marbeliting concrete pools. Eco finish and marbelite costs are very close but marbelite is a more stable and long lasting option. The product seems to work well for re-coating fiberglass steps in my experience. The hit and run nature of people who do eco finish may be the problem. No company stays with the product for very long. They stop doing it and move on to something else. This can only be because of the problems they encounter and the cost to warrantee them becomes to great as to be able to stay in business. I have seen it take down very reputable companies and honest hard working people. Now the stuff does work, kinda, but it costs to much to warrantee it in case of failure, so it is very risky product to use. I have been burned by the magical promises of this product. In life and in business there is no magic, either it works or it doesn't. And this stuff does not work or have a company that backs it up. I would like to have feedback on any other experiences others may have had with this product. Information is key to making good decisions. Thanks.
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Jul 21, 2013
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Comments from an Aquabrite Ecofinish installer at the time who got out of the business because it was too labor intensive and expensive to make money at it...

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