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Oct 23, 2018
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Hi guys! I have just surrendered the ability to control my pool with Alexa and got a EasyTouch 4 button Wireless Remote setup. My question is how can I assign a Feature control to an AUX button on the remote? Details of current setup. 1st button on remote turns on heater, second button on remote turns on lights. I have nothing connected to AUX 2 and AUX 3 so those buttons click the relay on in the panel but do not control anything. I have two automated valves assigned as features (1 & 2) that turn the "waterfall" and "bubbler" on. Then I have a Feature (3) assigned to "Quick Clean" that runs my pump speed up for an hour or so. Is there a way to assign those to the buttons on the wireless remote labeled AUX2 and AUX3? Or does it require rewiring the Valve A to AUX 2 relays in the control panel? Not sure what wiring would need to change for Quick Clean.

Pool 11500 gallons salt water
EasyTouch2 4
Pentair IntelliFlo VSF Pump
IntelliBrite LED Lights
Pentair IntelliChlor IC40
AquaCal HeatWave SQ145 Heat Pump

Valve A is assigned to "Bubbler" Valve motor went bad so just locked it into an open position so that when waterfall comes (its 1st in line on plumbing anyway) on the bubbler is also used.
Valve B is assigned to "Waterfall" So I did just try to change this to Aux 2 and got my 3rd button on wireless to turn the valve and make the waterfall come to life but speed was still low so changed that for Aux 2 under IntelliFlo Setup.

Still clueless on assigning Quick Clean to last button on wireless (Aux 3)..... Thanks in advance for any knowledge anyone can drop on me.
UPDATE: I figured it out! :) All good now!
Using my computer and the ScreenLogic Configuration I was able to find Circuits Needing High Speed Pump in Step 3 of 5. I just added Aux 3 and then in Step 4 of 5 I added Aux 3 in a drop down and set the desired speed of 3000 RPM, BOOM!
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Jul 7, 2014
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Glad you get it figured out... :thumleft:

Using ScreenLogic Config on a PC almost makes programming an EasyTouch intuitive.. It just seems to make sense...

I always use the PC for programming as it is 10 x easier..


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