Easytouch 8 with Raypak 3450 Electric Heater

Sep 22, 2020
Orlando, FL

I would like to connect my Raypak 3450 Electric Heater to the Easytouch 8 system.
I already have the Air and Water sensors connected to the Easytouch 8.
The Raypak is direct wired to a 35 AMP breaker and currently only comes on when the pump is running.
I have identified that the 2-wire control should go to posts 44 (com) and 46 (spa) on the Raypak heater and know how to put the heater in remote mode.

Do these 2-wire controls go to the Gas Heater terminals on the logic board, or do they go to a relay, which plugs into the Electric Heater on the logic board?
If they go to a relay, how do I wire the relay?

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Jul 7, 2014
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Connect them to the gas heater terminals.. This is basically just an open set of contacts of a small relay on the main ET board. When the ET calls for heat, the small relay contacts close and this turns the heater on.. When the water gets up to temp, the relay opens and the heater turns off.


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