EasyTouch - 4 valve limit? Crazy?


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Feb 14, 2018
Englewood, FL
We have a pool less than a year old. Built by highly recommended pool company and (we think) was built well. They only use Pentair, so that's what we got. When we built they discouraged intellitouch and installed Eztouch for control.

We have an infloor cleaning system that doesn't get enough pressure when other circuits running. The in floor circuit is separate but not automated / solenoid

We have asked them to add a solenoid valve to that circuit so that we can run it by itself automated daily. Then the pump will be able to get enough pressure to run correctly.

So with all that - here's the problem. They tell us that EZtouch only supports 4 valves (which we already have) and that pentair has NO way to add more. They came up with some Jandy add-on board option but have been to the house 4 times now trying to get it installed and been on phone with Jandy multiple times and nobody seems to be able to figure out how to make it work.

It seems mind boggling to me that a simple thing like wanting an extra solenoid valve added to a major manufacturer system is not possible. I mean we have a SMALL pool and there HAVE to be more complex installations that have more than 4 valves. But they are trying to reinvent the wheel and say pentair says it can't be done with Easytouch and Jandy doesn't know how.

The tech here said Intellicenter would work as it has daughterboard for more valves. So I was called the installer office to basically make the case that they gave us the wrong control system for our needs and that we need the IntelliCenter. I was told they just made a decision a few weeks ago to stop using Intellicenter. I know before they discouraged it when we bought a year ago. So it sounds like it might be very hard to get them to put one in.

Does anyone have an idea why a major pool installer would stop supporting/using IntelliCenter? Does anyone have an idea how to actually fix my problem?

The other option I thought about was to put a separate pump and plumb it directly to the infloor circuit. The aux circuit I believe is perfectly fine to control just a pump and since it's only running the infloor I don't think it would need an actuated valve.
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Rich D

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Aug 3, 2018
There are certainly much easier ways to do the automation then adding an additional pump. Perhaps these boys just aren't thinking outside of the box enough. Could you post what valves that you are currently controlling?. A few pics of the pad would be helpful as well. my first thought would be if you want to use your current automation system, you can use some of the valves you have actuators for to actually control the fifth 'in floor ' valve. For example if there is a configuration of two valves that currently have actuators that you can set to positions that you would never usually set them to, you can simply wire up a couple of relays that will actuate the in-floor valve when both of those valves are in that particular configuration. This would allow you to use your current automation system.


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Jul 7, 2014
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I am not sure why you are mad at Pentair, when the problem is clearly the idiots that installed your pool and automation system.. :scratch:

The EasyTouch is a "what you buy is what you get system".. The IntelliTouch is a modular system where you can add various options, such as additional valve drivers.

As far at I know Pentair has not stopped building, selling or supporting the new IntelliCenter.. Maybe the idiots that installed your pool have, but not Pentair.

That said, you can easily add a few parts to your EasyTouch that will allow you to have an additional valve driver.. Below is one way to do it..

I suggest that you show the diagram to your pool builder.. You will quickly understand why he has no clue what he is doing.. :mrgreen:


Jim R.


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Aug 4, 2018
I can second Jim's post. With his guidance, I just did this myself. I have an EasyTouch 8 with a max of 4 valves...all in use. I wanted to add solar, which I was already using that spot for a water feature. I purchased a Pentair 2-speed pump relay and replaced one of my AUX relays. I named this AUX circuit waterfall, and added a waterfall setting on my VS pump, viola!

You can add another transformer or just tie into the existing 24V feed behind the circuit breaker. I opted for the existing feed as my system was already out of warranty, so I didn't have any concerns there.


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Feb 14, 2018
Englewood, FL
Sorry I didn't f/u until now have been out of state.

I'm mad at pentair because a non-expandable design like that is just poor engineering IMO. But you're right that the pool builder did not anticipate nor educate me. They actually pushed me away from the IntelliCenter when we had our meetings, something I now regret.

The pool builder has extremely good reviews and people who have built other pools in the past said they did a great job on our pool, but I would agree in the automation area they seem to be dropping the ball. I don't know why they said what they said, and I think the tech (who is supposedly the head guy) has struggled so much to get it to work.

He ended up installing "Intellitouch i5 and valve module" and supposedly now we have more capacity. I haven't gotten home yet to see how it works. Will report back.


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Oct 25, 2015

I feel your pain and also have to say the problem isn't Pentair. Some people only need low end limited versions and don't want to pay for a full-fledged expandable system they'll never need. Please don't get me wrong but the real blame should go to your builder not fully explaining the choices and consequences of each choice and to you to a certain extent for not fully investigating the models available. All automation manufacturers have great websites that explain this plus we have a LOT of automation experts here that can arm you with all you need to make the right choice for you. The reason there are different models is there are different needs by owners... thank Goodness we're not all the same! Unfortunately, you're not alone. Many, many pool owners find this out when it's too late. I did it too! If I knew half what I learned here 7 years ago my pool would be much different. Chalk it up to experience and enjoy your pool.

My pool had a dumb timer only. Incredibly inconvenient! We just get comfy in the spa then have to go around to the pool pad to turn up the heater! So I went on the automation education romp. Then I installed a Jandy RS automation system and lightning took it out. By then Intellicenter had just come out and I heard so much great stuff on here I bought it and completely replaced the Jandy with Intellicenter. It's a fabulous system and can be expanded easily for way more than I'll ever need (3 pools I think). It had bugs to start and they've fixed all the important ones but they have one or two left. For some reason they're slow to release updates. The only think missing now is a feature that allows you to remotely (phone app or laptop) change schedules. You can do it at the panel and for most people this doesn't matter much. No idea why the builder is making those comments... maybe he just doesn't want to learn anything new. If so the world is moving past him. You should too.

I still think Intellicenter is the best unit on the market. You've already demonstrated you need more than a basic system so that's what I'd recommend you change to if you have the budget. If not, there are ways to cobble additional features together but it requires some tinkering and not a great solution for most.