EasySet Setup Feedback Please


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Jun 29, 2020
Hey all, would love a little verification/insight into my planned set up. I picked up a used 18ft EasySet liner towards the end of last summer. Also ordered a new Intex 633T (2500 GPM, 1.5" hose) pump & a 26667EG SWG. Never got around to set it up.
Set it up this Spring & of course multiple leaks and tube wouldn't hold air and couldn't find a leak in that. Plus my ground was way less level than I thought so I took it down.

Managed to find 16' x 42" Intex EasySet liner in stock that's been ordered & will hopefully be here in a 10-14 days while I get my ground level in the meantime.

This is the newer style with two outlets. Have been reading a reading a bunch of threasds and think I've got a plan. So my thought is plug one outlet with the standard small outlet & the black rubber plug. Then cut the other outlet and the inlet to enlarge to 1.5" opening.

Does this sound reasonable?

My one other concern - rereading stuff on the 633T and it suggests a minimum volume of 4000 Gal. The 16'x42" has a volume of about 3700 gallons at the 80% line from what I've read. That should be close enough to not impact things correct?
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Jul 21, 2013
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Welcome to TFP.

If you have an issue I think it will be with the SWG output and the lower pool volume.