Easy Touch reports 0 ppm? IntelliChlor shows good salt


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Sep 18, 2015
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Just recently, my EasyTouch 8 (under Diagnostics->Chlorinator) reports 0 ppm/OK- No Errors. IntelliChlor inline was showing low salt, so I added a bag and it went back green, but ET8 still shows 0 ppm. Any tips? It was working a few weeks ago, when IntelliChlor was blinking red for low salt and ET8 reported something along the lines of 2400 ppm. All was good after I added a bag etc....

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To add, the entire system is about 6 months old. Pool was finished last August.


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Jun 24, 2011
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You need to test the salt level. The best test for us homeowners is the Taylor K-1766 test, but a good batch of salt test strips will work. The problem with strips is that they do go bad and they are not as reliable as the Taylor test.

I would remove the cell and inspect it for scaling. If it doesn't have scale don't clean it.
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