Easy solar pool cover strap fix


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Oct 4, 2015
Austin, TX
My solar pool cover straps have been a problem for years - coming unglued from the reel, and half of those stupid clips don’t work.

Just fixed them all in about 30 minutes.

To attach the straps to the reel, remove the Velcro sections and clean off old glue with a solvent and paper towel. I used automotive brake cleaner but acetone should work too. On the reel, mark the positions where the straps were with a marker, then remove the old glue with sandpaper. Clean with solvent and paper towel. Paint contact cement on both reel and Velcro, let dry 30 minutes, then join them together. They should be on there permanently now! Remember to dispose of solvent soaked paper towel carefully, it’s flammable.

To permanently attach the clips, I drilled holes through the clips, used cable ties to keep it closed.

Probably won’t need to do this again for a while!


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