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I'm going to close my pool early -- I'm not physically able to use it right now and no one else is using it. Here are the facts:
  • Water temp is 80
  • Leaves are starting to be an issue
  • Pool needs a SLAM
  • Trash keeps getting into pool
Here are the questions:
  • Leaf cover or full winter cover?
  • Keep adding chemicals after cover is on?
  • Complete SLAM before closing?
  • May not be able to remove steps -- okay to leave them in pool?
  • Lower water now or wait til below 60 degree water temp?
  • How much poly 60 to add to 4024 gal pool? I know I need it, what with closing early...
I'm sure there are other questions I haven't thought of. Please help me close the pool!
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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ
SLAM the pool, let the FC lower to half SLAM level, add Polyquat 60 according to directions on bottles, let circulate for 24 hours, lower water, put on winter cover.

See ya in the spring.


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Jul 30, 2014
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Please follow Allen's advice. The solid tarp is key. SLAM first, then Poly 60. You will be fine. Remember to open the pool real early next year, at least before temps get into the 70's consistently.