DYI vs Pbuilder


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May 23, 2020
Hollywood, FL
for those of you that did diy was there cost savings? worth the headaches? i got a 'budget" for my build 40-45k from the PBer. i would assume i would be pulling the permits?


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Jul 16, 2012
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Saw your title. Yoda fan? Friday it is.

Lots of threads discussing OB/DIY budgets. A common theme seems to be spending the same and getting a better pool than the PB quoted. Yes, headaches, especially if something goes south. But, by and large, I hear good things from OB threads shared. Yes, you would pull the permits. Some choose to use a design firm like Pool Engineering, Inc., Structural Design of Swimming Pools and Residential Improvement Structures though I see they are not licensed in FL.