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Dec 23, 2012
Manassas Park, VA
Last year I was one of the first in my neighborhood to open my pool. And I think as a result a duck decided to create a nest under my Japanese maple tree next to the pool. At first we thought this was great and enjoyed having the duck so close and the kids loved looking at the eggs.

Eventually the eggs hatched and the baby ducks were so cute until they got into the pool and couldn't get out, even with the help of a pool ramp. Then the mother duck got in and went to the bathroom in the pool. All cuteness stopped and I proceeded to chase down the ducks with a leaf net and place them outside the pool. Luckily after that I did not see them or their mother again.

I do not know much about ducks but is there a chance the same family of ducks or a new one will return to the same spot this year?


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May 8, 2012
Southeast Michigan
We've had 2 ducks (male and female) for the last several years. Tried the rubber snakes and scaring them but to no avail. Finally got rid of them after several mornings of direct hit spraying them with the water hose. Saw them later in the summer "vacationing" on neighbor's lawns several blocks away, but not back in our pool.
This year, we still have a block of ice but will be watching for their return, and ready with the garden hose!


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Dec 23, 2012
Manassas Park, VA
Thank you for the replies everyone. There was nothing like vacuuming the pool in the middle of the night and having a duck fly out from under the tree when I got close. Almost fell in a couple of times.

If they do show back up I will spray them with a hose this time, hopefully before they have a chance to build a nest.
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