dry bleach


Aug 21, 2010
Leipsic, Ohio
can someone tell me how much 78% cal-hypo powder I need to make 1 gallon of 6% bleach? I need to be able to make up gallon jugs of bleach with my cal-hypo I just bought. Got 65# bucket of 78% cal-hypo for $149.00, think I got a great buy.


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Apr 1, 2007
Sebring, Florida
Well, it won't make bleach. It's calcium hypochlorite and bleach is sodium hypochlorite. If you are trying to calculate the equivalency as far as how much Free chlorine it produces, the pool calculator will do that.


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Apr 25, 2012
I did this too since I had an old 2.85L jug, and am used to adding the required amount of 6% bleach.

But I already have a 30 lb container of 48% cal hypo I wanna pass (first time homeowner and pool owner, bought cal hypo at start of season before discovering bbb) so from the pool calc I figured out I need about ~370g of the stuff to make a 2.85L jug's worth of 6% concentration.

Basically I like it like that, just so its pre-dissolved. I will still be using regular bleach on and off along side this until the cal hypo's done to not have the calcium go through the roof.