Dropping 4-5 FC a day


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Jun 28, 2017
Fresno, CA
So since using the HTH 3” tabs in the floating ducky I’ve had a consistent 5-6 FC levels. I’m going to watch CYA but this may be a better solution for me than liquid chlorine. I can dump water to lower CYA and water isn’t costly to refill.
You are in the driver's seat with a good test kit, an understanding of pool water chemistry and a basic cost analysis for your pool system.
16 oz of CYA reagent is not very expensive and lasts a long time.

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Jun 5, 2019
Corona de Tucson, AZ
A lot of the people on this group are from the south in Arid climates. I used to put up seasonal pools in Iowa when I was there and I used tabs for consistent chlorine and bleach to "shock" (SLAM) and I never had a problem because I drained the pool once a year. I have a neighbor here who is doing 1/2 drains and refills at about a year and a half interval and even though overall it is slightly expensive here it's manageable. If you have "cheap" water like much of the colder climates do, then drain/refill isn't much of a loss.

The only downside is that near the end of that cycle.. His water is safe according to the numbers... but it gets a little meh cloudyish... in my opinion. The best solution out there is of course to go with a SWCG but they are expensive. My wife has commented that our already excellent water is even clearer since we added salt....

When you get to about 110 PPM CYA drain and refill at least half the pool and you'll be fine. If you go to 150.. you are risking algae....


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Jun 29, 2016
Tampa, FL
OP doesn’t like adding LC daily. Personally, I would much rather throw in a few ounces of LC than deal with draining and refilling, but to each his own.


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Aug 2, 2019
So just to update. The water is clearest it has ever been. I’m hovering between 55-60 CYA with only backwashing the filter and kids splashing. The FC stays between 5 and 7.5 even when swimming daily. I’ve been through about 9 tabs of the HTH 3” super chlorinating 4-in-1. The one 5 pound bucket was about half full and had lasted me 3 months at about $20. I was spending $40/month on LC locally from the pool store. Couldn’t get it at Walmart because it was gone as soon as it came off the truck.

I’m happy and don’t stress over the levels daily. I check it once a week unless there’s a lot of swimming or rain.