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Mar 14, 2017
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I need help with my drop test. Ok I filled my tube to 25 then added two scoops of the powder. The water turned pink instantly. I started with the titrant and it took 12 drops to turn the water clear so I multiply that by 0.2 to get the ppm of free chlorine ok that's 2 so then I add the other drops to get total chlorine? That's where I get confused. Please help

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I know the Taylor kit initially states the 25ML sample and multiplying by .2. But I would also suggest instead, using the 10 ML sample and using just ONE healthy scoop. Once you go from pink to clear, divide by 2. i.e. 14 drops = FC of 7. That may save you some reagents. :)

As for your initial question about the CC, (do it immediately after the FC test)
Add 5 drops of R-0003 and swirl to mix. If the sample remains clear, your CC level is zero.
If the sample turns pink again, add R-0871 one drop at a time, swirling constantly and counting the number of drops as you go. Continue adding drops until the color changes to clear. The pink color may become extremely faint before it goes away. Make sure that the sample goes completely clear.
Multiply the number of drops by 0.5 to get your CC level.
More details at the Pool School - FAS-DPD Chlorine Test page. Hope that helps.