Drop-in replacement for Intermatic t104m?

Feb 21, 2013
Pleasanton CA

My current Intermatic t104m pool timer is really noisy (clicking sound). You can even hear it inside the house in the bedroom on the opposite wall. It's definitely the clock motor that's the root cause. I replaced it earlier this year with a brand new clock motor I bought from Amazon, but after a few months it got noisy again. I think it's just an inherent issue with the design of the clock motor (Intermatic WG1573-10D). It's pretty archaic looking, so I would think there are more modern current designs. Can you recommend another drop-in replacement timer model that's pretty reliable and quiet? Or better yet, maybe there's something that needs to be done to "tune-up" the clock motor?



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Jul 21, 2014
Sacramento, CA
I have 2 of those Intermatic analog timers, one for the main pump, one for the boost pump; unfortunately no interlock to ensure the main pump is on before the boost (and have had the main pump's on screw shift). It looks like this is a digital 3-circuit timer that's a drop-in replacement:


Not cheap (around $200 everywhere I found), but definitely a more modern design!


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Jul 6, 2011
Maybe the gears for the timer need a little greasing. The Intermatic P1353ME mentioned above is a good digital replacement for what you currently have.