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Jun 4, 2010
Darlington, SC
Hello all... Just a little about me... I am from SC--not far from the Famed Nascar track " Too Tough to Tame"... I am an Electronics and Software Engineer for a Local Welding and Cutting products company-- ESAB.. I have been at my current job going on 13+ plus years. I design / build and test components for our larger cutting machines --mainly the Hi-amp plasma and water jet applications. So I am well versed in a good bit of electrical aspects as we handle machines up to 600 Volts AC--while outputting 240 VDC/ 600 amp for plasma use. I have been a pool owner for the past 8 years.. The first couple I done the pucks and bags of shock--then moved to the Pristine blue system which worked well for me. After 6 years and ruff kids--it was time for a liner replacement.. So with the new liner-- I had read about the SWCG-- so I added it .. Last year had to be the easiest upkeep ever and lowest chemical cost swim season ever for me. This year has just been as easy. I check my pool 2x a week and maybe backwash depending on pressure rise on the filter. Other than adding some salt for fill up and baking soda to raise the TA--thats all I have used so far this year-- maybe 20.00 worth... I have read a good bit on here--great people and interesting stories... Glad everyone can join together to get everyone to enjoying their pool.. Have a great summer.. :party: :whoot:


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Apr 1, 2007
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It sounds like you have a very good grasp of BBB and have managed to make your pool as "troublefree" as possible.