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Sep 7, 2007
I live in Raleigh, Durham NC (yes, it's actually a town). For the past several years I've covered my pool with mesh safety cover (dumb dog still tries to go across at least once). But, I don't drain water from filter or pump. If the temp drops below 30, I'll run out and flip the pump breaker switch at night and run until mid day or so. However, this means that I have to be cognizant of overnite temps. I usually slip up once or twice a season and wake to a 25 degree morning and go "Oh crap", and run out in skivies. (Notice I haven't mentioned The Spouse's name yet?). Not yet rationalized getting a temp sensor/auto switch thingie. I know they are out there, but if I do that then I'll have to have the electricians put in a pool light switch in the house....I ALWAYS forget to turn the light out when we're done swimming in the evening. Then, I have to run back out in my nightie to turn off (see, again hubby is nice and comfy inside....and it was HIS idea to build the darn thing).

I like to keep the pump and filter online during the winter for ease of dumping extra water (not much luck in that, but we're hopeful that this drought will break). I also like to throw in some bleach every once in a while.

My questions:
Since it generally warms up to >30 degrees by mid morning, do I even need to worry about having an overnight low in the mid-upper 20's? Do I just need to worry about those overnight temps of below 20degrees? Should I just bite the bullet and drain pump and filter and be done with it???


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May 7, 2007
Silver Spring, MD
Getting the freeze protection controller is well worth it in that situation in my opinion. It will take care of running the pump when it needs to be run and you won't have to think about it or worry at all. They aren't too expensive, the electrician visit will probably cost more than the part.


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Jul 24, 2007
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How long do you run the filter during the day? Why not filter at night instead, say 12am to 6am.

I have freeze protection timers, but I also filter late night now to reduce the time that the filter runs when it freezes.