Draining below skimmers. No bottom drain


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Aug 28, 2008
Rochester, NY
We're having the pool closed on Monday and the pool company asked to have the water drained 2" below the skimmer. We have 2 skimmers, 3 eyeball returns and 2 bottom diffuser returns. We are donning the loop-loc cover and removing the hardware ourselves to save some money. Any special tricks in getting the water level down without using a submersible pump? I was thinking of attaching the vacuum hose to one skimmer, diverting the flow to that skimmer and draining that way. I was also thinking of using some rubber tape to help with the seal between the vacuum hose and the plate that goes into the skimmer. Any help would be appreciated.


Mar 3, 2010
One trick I like to use is to hook up your vac and then simply run water from a garden hose into the skimmer. This will prevent it losing vacuum and sucking air.

Good luck.


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Mar 29, 2007
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Sounds like you've got it covered :goodjob:

If you start loosing prime, you can do as Jack recommends and if that doesn't work ask us for other tips :cool:

Fall is a sad :cry: time around here as the members close up their pools!

I hope to see y'all around here over the winter :sun:

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