Draining AGP

Oct 17, 2016
Toledo, OH
I need to drain our pool so we can level the ground.

Last time did it with a pony pump and it took days.

I would like to use the actual drain this time. The valve has a screw on cover. Take it off and push something in and valve moves back and water comes out. Looks like it needs a hose adapter which did not come in the box, can't find online, and the pool store is clueless about

Can't just stick it open as the valve is 4 feet to the garage.

Any ideas?



Bronze Supporter
Jun 1, 2018
Hernando, Ms
U could put a backwash hose on it with an adapter & a hose clamp or maybe just a hose clamp
Or just get some pvc adapters from the hardware store & peice something together to fit your water hose