Draining Advice

Sep 29, 2019
Tucson, AZ
I finally have more time on my hands so decided to take the pool into my own hands. Unfortunately, probably at the worst possible time. Algae is forming and the levels are way out of whack. CYA is over 100 and pool math tells me to put 18 gallons of bleach in to SLAM. So time to drain. I’m hoping for a coolish day to get this done. Here is my plan:

Begin draining pool
Have calcium line removed
Chlorine wash sides of pool
Use pressure washer to spray down sides and bottom
Clean filter

Let me know if am heading in the wrong direction anywhere. My main concern is the chlorine discoloring the pebble tec.

Any advice on dilution? Can I use undiluted bleach? Time limits?
Do I need to relieve the bottom pressure on the pool in Tucson? Seen advice on this in the past, not sure if it applies or how to do it yet.
If the temp is ~95F am I taking a huge risk?
Should I just replace the filter? ($300+)

Thanks in advance.


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Feb 6, 2015
Chandler AZ
With the heat the way its been, you may want to consider a no drain water exchange....

Draining, leaving empty to do the other items you listed and letting the plaster (pebble) dry out in this heat isn't the best thing to do.

As for washing down the sides with chlorine and pressure washing - you are still going to need to SLAM Process the pool to eradicate the algae as it's in the piping and equipment water. Much safer this time of year to do the exchange instead. Careful, light pressure washing can probably be done - but not high pressure close to the surface as you cohld damage the plaster surface.

The calcium at the water line can be blasted off with the pool full - or almost full. Some companies can catch the material and others just let it fall into the pool tobe vacuumed out. I believe @JoyfulNoise had his done a while back - he's in Tucson and may have recommendations (shy of dropping by and doing it for you :laughblue: ).

Unless you live on the lower side of a hill, chances of having an issue with fully draining a pool in Tucson, AZ are probably pretty slim.