Drained too much water? ~12 inches below the tile line

After closing, I got a little aggressive a few weeks in draining the water below the tile line. I intended to maintain my goal of 2-3 inches below the tile line but wound up closer to 12 inches (I actually think the position of the hose to the pump acted as a siphon even after I thought the pump was off).

Is that too far below the tile line? Am I risking anything by leaving it that low with a Noreaster headed my way this week and many nights of freezing temperatures (it has already been like this for ~3 weeks).

Any advice is appreciated!


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May 18, 2013
Long Island NY
I don't see an problems either, I have already had to siphon some water out 2 times this yr because of rain. And I'm sure I will do it again after this storm. We are going to get 3 to 4 in of rain tues.


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Jul 7, 2014
Hope Mills, NC
If you have a cover on the pool, it could be an issue. The water supports the cover and if the water is low, the cover rubs on the coping rail. Kills em in one season.

Not that I would know that! :rolleyes: