Drain Valve for Pentair CCP 520


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Sep 7, 2007
Lafayette, Louisiana
Hi Folks!

I'm helping a friend rebuild his pool plumbing pad on a new house/old pool. We are going to replace all of the equipment and he wants to switch from a sand filter to a cartridge. The only problem is the equipment is in an enclosed room with one small floor drain, and a separate 1 1/2" drain for the existing sand filter, all cast into the concrete floor. If we swap him over to a cartridge filter, the equipment room gets flooded with dirty filter water whenever he will have to clean those filters and open the body.

I personally have a Pentair CCP 520 cartridge filter, and it has a threaded main body drain plug with an O-ring. He will likely use the same filter. Is this some standard PVC type fitting that I could get and plumb with a valve, over to the old sand filter backwash drain? Instead of just pulling the plug and draining onto the floor, he would just open a valve and drain into the back yard?

Anybody know who might carry this fitting with an O-ring? Or just Pentair?