Drain doesn't work - Leak somewhere - Possible to FIX ?


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Jun 27, 2012
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Just purchased house with IG Pool .. Just found out that the main DRAIN at bottom of the pool doesn't work - told that it has a crack or leak in it somewhere between the pool and the pump house (it's NOT anywhere noted above ground - obviously underground). It's been like this for a "long time", but the water really looks and tests great ... The only "drain" that works to move water to the Filter is the Skimmer element - as long as the water level is properly maintained of course.

So my question really is whether something like a busted drain pipe underground can actually be FIXED without draining and digging up the pool? Are there companies that specialize in this? Or is this just something we'll continue to live with until the day we need to replace the pool's fiber glass? (it's NOT plaster). We're OK with that, but if this is a repair that we could have done for < $2,000 we might be intersted in getting it working properly again.

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May 19, 2010
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Well, the $$$ depends on the where the leak is. If it is the in pipe under the pool, obviously that would be hard to fix. If it is underground not under the pool before the pump house ... it is just a matter of digging it up and fixing it. Or does the floor drain run to the skimmer and then 1 pipe from the skimmer to the pump? IF so, then all the floor pipe is mostly under the pool.

So is the floor drain currently plugged up so that you are not leaking water?

There are many pools that do not have a floor drain and have no issues (most above ground pools for example). The only really benefits are slightly better circulation and the ability to use it to drain the pool (if it does not go to the skimmer).