Drain/Clean/Store AGB


Jul 27, 2010
East Texas
First time user here getting ready to close up this season for the pool.

Been draining pool, removed, dried and cleaned pump,hoses,fittings.
Ready to clean and dry pool (18'x48" Intex)

Suggestions/ ideas ? :party:

Ive read Intex instructions and just seeking any other hints . :hammer:

The original cardboard box didnt survive. Looking to use large plastic storage tub.


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Aug 1, 2008
Mendota Heights, MN
Not sure if you have the blow up ring or the metal frame style.
With the blow up ring, good luck, I never had any luck getting it real clean and dry b4 storing for winter.
With the metal frame -
1. Two or three days b4 draining, bring the pool up to shock level and keep it there.
2. Drain completely, rinse with hose and towel dry inside.
3. Lift entire pool up so bottom is off the ground. ( I use a chair under each leg and a stepladder under the center.
4. Hose off the bottom and sides of the pool.
5. Let dry, normally I let it dry overnight and into the next evening.
6. Take apart, roll pool up and place into container. ( I use a plastic garbage can with a lid)
7. Place legs and parts in container. ( I use a plastic garbage can for this also but no lid)
8. Both containers go into the shed, all pool toys get put a way.
9. Bounce drier sheets get placed in all tubs, cans and even on the shelves. Keeps those mice away!
10. Sit back with an adult beverage, plan on what pool project you get to do next year!


Jul 27, 2010
East Texas
Mine is thr "blow-up' All is cleaned and dried and stored except the pool itself. That's last. Wife and I developed technique on the cover first with powerwasher. We have inclined drive into garage wide enough to spread pool out. wash and drain. Will do bottom outside first then flip to do inside. Plan is to place pool so drainplugs are downhill. Starting up hill Ill hold wall up as wife hits it with pressure washer working our way around sides then to lowest portion/drainplug area. We have a good westerly sun exposure that should help assit in drying plus plan to use shop type fan also blwoing inside area. Once all thats done will pull into garage ( 2 car wide ) to complete drying and then fold/roll up. Hope is the "pool" will then fit into a 45gal (new) plastic trash container for storage.

Yes ! an adult beverage will be good after! :cheers:

Already plan to replace current 1500gpm filter/pumper with a 2500 gpm for next year, Ebay has them at $99 !! :party:

Saw a post about placing the "inlet hose" intake attachment much lower into pool, like that idea! :whoot:

9/26 follow up: pool cleaned,dried, powdered, folded as per instructions. 4 folks made this go well!
NOW! the folded pool fit into a 45 gal plastic trash container with wheels which makes it easy for storage..

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