Drain and Refill Done , advice for next steps please


Jul 12, 2020
Indianapolis, IN
After draining and refilling 85-90% of our water, we finally have our CYA reduced from 110 to 45

I’m looking for advice on next steps. TA looks super high but if I’m understanding what I’m reading on TFP, I shouldn’t lower TA simply to hit a targeted number.

Latest Test Result Summary:
FC: 7.0
CC: 0.0
pH: 7.5
TA: 240
CH: 500
CYA: 110

Thank you for your wisdom and knowledge.


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Jun 19, 2020
How does your water look? How did it look before the drain and refill?

If your CYA is somewhere between 40 and 50, it's 50. Always round up to the next 10.

Your numbers look fine if your water is crystal clear and there wasn't a problem before you drained. If it was cloudy (algae) or green (algae), then you should SLAM, but you can't do that until you get the proper test kit in hand. Maintain the status quo until it arrives.

High TA means your pH will rise quickly. It will come down when you add acid to reduce your pH. Depending on your fill water, it might or might not actually come down over time. Have you tested CH and TA of your fill?


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Oct 25, 2015
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Welcome to TFP! You're numbers look pretty good and you're correct not to panic about the TA. Your DPD test is better than the oto test but not ideal because of the pink color matching and potential bleaching at high FC levels. While you wait for your kit and if your pool looks good I would just maintain FC between target and a couple ppm above on the CYA chart. Some good reading for you are listed below. Please ask any questions you may have. This time of year you can expect to be adding 2-3 ppm of FC per day. Use Pool Math to check how much you need. Don't use Clorox bleach. Best to use chlorinating liquid from a big box store or WM. It's usually 10%+.

I hope this is helpful.


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FC/CYA Chart


Jul 12, 2020
Indianapolis, IN
The only issue we had before was some white water mold, but it looks like we have that under control. Water is crystal clear now and was crystal clear before the drain and refill.
Fill water TA is 350 and CH is 330