DPD powder from different manufacturers are the same?


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Currently I am using Lamotte test kit. I am looking to get refill from alternative source as it takes 2mth from order to delivery from the local LaMotte distributor in M’sia.

I found Taylor 0870-I DPD from Amazon, which they can ship to M’sia. Wondering whether I can use this instead of the DPD from LaMotte....



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Jul 7, 2014
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I use the LaMotte ColorQ, which is not the same type of kit you have.

I do not know for sure that the Taylor powder will work, or not, but if I were in your shoes, for $13 bucks, I would try it. Run a test with the old powder and compare it with the new powder and see if the results are about the same.


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Jun 30, 2012
I am in the UK and couldn’t get the LaMotte DPD powder so ordered the Taylor powder from America and it works fine with the LaMotte titrant.
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LaMotte DPD powder: (M‘Sia Distributor)
- 5g US$13, 50g US$90
- Chlorine Titrant 60ml US$19
- ordered 1 Nov 2020, delivery date unknown, expected 2mth from date of order

Taylor DPD powder: (Amazon US)
- 100g US$70 including delivery
- 10g DPD + Titrating Reagent 60ml US$32 including delivery
- ordered 4 Dec 2020, delivered 14 Dec 2020

😅 not going to order from LaMotte again.....

@63deejay your are using Taylor DPD power with LaMotte titrant reagent, following LaMotte test instruction?

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