Downsizing from 1.5hp to 1hp


Jul 9, 2012
Title says the question, few years ago my pump went out, got a variable hayward, works fine but no real change in the electric bill.

Recently built a new bar/tv area near the pool equipment and I’m looking to quiet things down as much as possible. I was thinking of going from a 1.5hp to 1hp whisperflow. I never have any chemistry problems(thanks to this site!), except when I forget to clean the swg or get a rock stuck in the mx-8. Plumbing is 2”, 22k gal, w/spa/spillway

Another reason I don’t like the variable speed is when the spa/heater is on the hot water going to the spa is VERY hot because of the low flow and kinda dangerous for the kids/people not aware.

Or should I just stick with a 1.5hp whisperflow?



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Apr 1, 2018
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We would need to know your runtimes and the speeds you are running it at. You are the first I’ve ever heard that didn’t notice a shocking decrease in consumption.


Jul 9, 2012
I only run long enough to generate enough chlorine, I also use a solar cover so that helps, I only runs at max for an hour for the cleaner and around 1000rpm for three hours. That’s it, crystal water as long as the swg is working. Cartridge filter.


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Jun 28, 2017
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If you step up the pump speed while in the tub that should solve the too hot water issue. That's leaves only the noise from the pump so how about a sound wall or run the pump during off hours?


Jul 9, 2012
I can’t step up the pump speed when I’m not here.

The pump I have is only on a timer for pump speed, three different speeds, one for prime, and two others that you can set. Like 1hr for 1st speed then the rest of the time the pump is on low speed. So if your in the hot tub for more then an hour it goes to low speed.

I really want an inteliflow because I have an easy touch and intelitouch but I don’t think I need a VS. I think getting a 1hp is just like getting a cheaper vs.


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May 3, 2014
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Are you in California? You cannot get a single speed pump 1hp or over in California.

And in 2021, you will not be able to get a single speed pump greater than 1 hp in the United States.
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Mar 2, 2011
If you have Easytouch, why did you get a Hayward variable speed pump?

What exact pump did you get?

How are you determining that the total energy used by the current pump is not significantly less than the total amount of energy used by the previous pump?

What was the previous pump?

Intelliflo is the way to go. The Intelliflo pump can communicate with Easytouch.

Easytouch can control the pump speed for different situations.


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May 16, 2010
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Bite the bullet and get the Intelliflo. It's more than you need but will interface with your automation and will be whisper quiet at low speeds. Not sure why you are having heat issues with spa flow rates(?)