Doughboy Above ground pool


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Jun 5, 2012
[attachment=1:joi8fwf3]almost full.jpg[/attachment:joi8fwf3]We have been wanting to get a pool. With no knowledge and idea of what kind of pool to get...after so many research made on internet and reading this forum, I came accross DOUGHBOY pools. Read so much about it, and finally found a dealer that is close to my place. It's a little bit more $$$ than the other brands, but we couldn't be more happier with our decision. We got 18 x 48 and just want to share some pic that we took during the process. We will surely enjoy this pool for years to come...Deck is being installed next week...Thanks so much...



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Feb 23, 2008
Denton, TX
Welcome to TFP!

Doughboy does make high quality ABG pools. You will no doubt enjoy it.

Please read Pool School and be sure to get one of the recommended test kits. A good test kit will save you from so many problems down the line.