Doughboy 16x32 expandable liner question

Jun 8, 2011
I have gotten a lot of helpful tips from this board as a lurker, but now I have a question to ask.
I can not find much information on this elsewhere.
Have a 16x32 Doughboy pool with deep end, whole pool dug into ground by ~3 feet, that came with a house I recently purchased and it is in need of a liner.
This is my first pool experience.

Over last winter I lost nearly 90% of the water in the pool.
Since the whole pool is partly in the ground I fear the pressure from outside may collapse the walls inward.

I am extremely handy and approach every project as a DIY until I feel it needs a professional.
Last season I replaced the Doughboy sand filer with a Hayward EC50 DE filter.
Now I am looking for a liner and in trying to save some money in the process have heard good things about Swimline liners.
They offer a 16x32 expandable liner that many sites refer to as a good replacement for my pool.
The problem I see at this point is after measuring my deep end at 84 inches, this liner says it can expand to 72 inches.
Has anyone ever used ones of these liners in this scenario and will they stretch to 84 or will the deep end need to be filled in some?

I tried contacting Swimline and they were no help.
A local contact I have that works for a pool installer has been giving me advise, but I fear he is too busy to do the install once I get a liner.
Besides going and paying nearly 3x as much for a genuine Doughboy liner and a random pool installer to do the work, does anyone have any advise?


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Mar 21, 2012
Not sure if it is sound advice or not, but I just installed an expandable liner on a 33' above ground pool. From everything I had read, it sounded like the liner was made for a 48"-52" wall and it would be tight when you put it over the deep end, and expand into place. What I found to be the case when installing the liner was the liner was just gigantic. It didnt seem to do any expanding. It just laid into place and there was enough material to go around everywhere and go deeper if need be. This is however a very expensive part of your pool. Have you thought about just bringing some sand in and making the deep end a little shallower? Just a thought. After seeing what I saw, I would say it would go to 84" easily, but that would put the seam down into the expanded portion of the pool. Not sure if that makes a difference or not. Here is a picture of my liner and you can see how much liner I have pulled over the wall. Seems to be a lot of excess. I have a 48" wall.

Jun 8, 2011
Thanks, that is kinda the information I have gathered at this point as well.
My pool contact is not being responsive in a timely manor, so I am getting closer to just giving it a go myself.
I have considered filling the 84" deep in to 72". Would not bother me that much.
I also do not know if the seam running down into the deep end matters or not either. My previous liner had the seam in the bottom corner all the way around so I am curious how that was done correctly. Possibly a custom made?

I've been told expandable liners basically have a 72" wall and you just trim off the excess.
It should be installed slightly skewed angled towards the deep end so the extra wall allows the deep end to "expand" down.

I just wish I had some feedback from someone who has done this before I chance it myself.