Don't try grilled bacon


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Jan 6, 2010
San Dimas, CA (LA County)
We had the weber nice and hot with mesquite so after the steaks, I asked my wife if she'd like to try grilling some bacon. She was planning on making some breakfast burritos tonight to freeze and microwave later. So we laid a few strips on the grill. They started sizzling, not much shrinkage. And then... whoof! massive grease fire as they started to drip on the coals. It cooked all right, but it has the surface texture and taste of campfire marshmallows, if you know what I mean.

So instead we hauled grandma's old cast iron skillet out (it's a family heirloom, you know) and fried the rest of the bacon in the pan over the really hot coals. That worked out well. Kept the heat and smell out of the kitchen, too. Less work for the AC.

Barbara C

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Jun 2, 2010
Southern Indiana
I had never thought of putting bacon on the grill but now when that thought does pop into my head I'll know to squelch it! Thanks for the warning. I have a nice heavy cast iron pan that will do the job quite well.


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May 23, 2007
SE Minnesota
I had to laugh, sorry! But it's rather funny. I hate cooking bacon, so when I do, I cook up about 6-8 packages at a time. I have an old heavy cake pan that I can do a couple pounds at a time in and do it on the grill. Couple rounds of that and I have it all done. Then I just bag it and freeze it. We take out what we want and a quick nuke in the microwave to warm it up.


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May 21, 2010
East Hartford, Connecticut
Gee it's funny you mention bacon - I just bought a package of it tonight at Aldi's after it not being in the house for several weeks.

I like mine done crisp and instead of frying it in whole pieces and having the ends come out curled and fatty, I cut the entire package in half so that the pieces are about 6" long instead of the usual 12" . . mmmmmmmmm good.

I never thought of cooking it outside in a pan over the coals - will definitely have to try it, especially since we've been having the hottest summer ever. Campfire marshmallows sound good right now too!


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Jan 26, 2010
Next time, wrap that bacon around some seeded, cream-cheese (or crab dip) stuffed fresh jalepenos!


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Oct 6, 2009
I cook my bacon in the oven. I line a sheet pan with parchment paper and lay out the slices side by side and just bake them in the oven till they get as crispy as desired. They seem to be a BIT less greasy this way, and works great when you're cooking for a large crowd like I am often doing.

Grape Ape

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Jul 12, 2009
Seattle, WA
I've done it a number of times with no problem over a gas grill, its nice if you want a couple slices for burgers and don't to heat the kitchen up. It flares up a bit, but no worse than a fatty steak. I wonder if the difference is the easier path to the drip tray.


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May 25, 2010
Don't put the bacon directly over the coals. Put the coals to one side of the grill and the bacon over the other. They taste wonderful that way.


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Jul 8, 2009
NE Ohio
George Forman. I cook my bacon on the "George" and all of the grease drips off into the drip pan. It can be cooked as crispy as you like. Good stuff, bacon. I love it.


Sep 4, 2010
Orlando, FL
Too funny. been there and done that...
learned the hard way is good.
have tried turkey bacon on grill (direct) not the same issue, just some flareups.
venison bacon....OMG this is the heat. why waste good deer meat on hamburger when you can get venison bacon.
it works great and tastes better than turkey bacon and even regularly bacon (cheap stuff).
in direct heat works and we use that method when grilling our bacon for filet mignon topped w/ shitake mushrooms, blue cheese and bacon.
just make sure it is med rare max when you grill the steak to melt the cheese.


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Apr 28, 2010
Allen, TX
Ditto on the oven/baking method - I find the thick cut works best when baking - line a cookie sheet with foil, stick it in the oven, set to 400 and walk away for 15 minutes or so - 100x easier than frying and no mess. Don't pre-heat the oven.