dont seem to have enuf suction for pool cleaner


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Jun 4, 2011
hi, i have what i think might be the original baracuda suction side cleaner.
the issue i am having is when i try to use the cleaner with enuf hose to reach the entire length of the pool i cant get the pool cleaner going.
i hooked up the suction tester that came with the cleaner and when i stick it in the skimmer it reads fine but when i stick it in the end of the hose it reads too low.
this is suprising cause i have a 2hp hayward single speed pump that is only a couple of seasons old.
is it just too much of the pool cleaner hose ~35' or so for the pump?
thanks in advance! :goodjob:

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Jun 23, 2009
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It sounds like you have some leaks in the hose. Is the hose in sections? If it is you may be able to narrow down the leaks by hooking it up and holding the end in the water and lifting each section out of the water and seeing if the pump starts to get air in the basket. Even if it's a single hose you can try that.