Don't know what I was thinking...added to much Muric Acid

May 29, 2017
York, Maine
Added .75 gal of Muric Acid on a PH reading of 8.2 in my 20,000 gallon green swamp/pool as first step to open.. Waited 1 hr. Remeasured, same result (8.2 or higher), so added another .75 gal
WRONG! That shot it to below 6.x (whatever the low end of the scale is....which is not accurate as it could be lower).

Guess I should have used half as much. Currently topping off with garden hose water....and doing nothing yet....thinking....

So can I start the SLAM process with the PH this low?


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May 3, 2014
Laughlin, NV
I would suggest adding borax. Assume your pH is 6.8 and add enough to get to 7.2. Circulate for 30 minutes, test, repeat until you get to 7.2.

A very low pH will harm your heater.


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Jan 17, 2012
Evans, Georgia
OUCH! PoolMath says that would have dropped your pH by 3.12 and your TA by 51.

I'd say get some Borax in there tonight.... please use PoolMath to help you determine how much. You're familiar with PoolMath right?

Maddie :flower: