Don't be like Unkyjoe


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Jun 24, 2013
Seguin TX
Don't use 3 stabilized tabs on your pool, even though it has been tough to purchase bleach..just don't do it.

I switched over to the 3 inch tabs when this "flu" began because chlorine bleach was in short supply, now here I am draining half my water because my CYA is over 80.

Good news, is that even though it got down to 9f here in south texas, and even though my AGP froze solid, there was no damage to pump, pipes, or to the filter.

I will keep everyone posted as to my progress, the pool is blue after slamming, but still cloudy, I just got my CYA reagent refilled so I was finally able to test.

I will also be posting test results so you know what those are as well.


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Jan 17, 2012
Evans, Georgia
Unkjoe, have you checked Walmart's pool section for their Pool Essentials Liquid Chlorine?? 10% for $3.87.

Sorry about those pucks.... yeah, they are evil that way. :devilish:

Maddie 👊


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Jun 24, 2013
Seguin TX
1 Gallon here is $12.21 and they are out of stock, my spouse works at a grocery store, that has been our best source so far.


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Nov 12, 2016
Plano, Texas
I just checked your Home Depot in Seguin and they show 23-Pool Essentials Liquid Chlorine in stock.
That may not be real but worth a call at least. 4 pack is $15.98. Hope that helps!