Dolphin Z5i - Issue with Dolphin Plus App


Jun 17, 2015
New Jersey
Not sure if anyone has deal with this - but thought I would give it a there are two apps under dolphin : My Dolphin and Dolphin Plus ....Dolphin Plus (given the name) allows you to set up a schedule for your robot so it cleans automatically daily or weekly, according to their website and from speaking with customer service my unit Z5i is compatible with the Dolphin Plus app.

When I start the app it finds the robot and than states that the device needs a different app and kicks me into the basic My Dolphin app where there is no ability to set a schedule.

I called customer service and they aren't sure what's going on - so they ask that I send the robot and power unit back to them so they can diagnose. The unit is 1 yr old, and I guess this functionality never worked from the start ( I never tried before ) . As part of the warranty I have to pay the shipping to them - a bit ridiculous as its going to cost me $100, between packaging and mailing as I basically bought a unit that didn't work properly from the start. Either way im not going to send it in right now, maybe at the end of the season although I'm not interested in going thru all that hassle of packaging and mailing a bulky unit.

Anyway just wondering if anyone has had this issue and been able to fix it, whether themselves or by sending it back?
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