Dolphin Saturn Troubleshooting


Jun 22, 2017
Happy Summer, Ya'll!

I've had a Dolphin Saturn Pool Robot for 3 summers now and I absolutely LOVE it. Literally one of the best purchases I've ever made. However, as of last night, I've been running into issues with it.
I started it last night and let it go until I woke up this morning. I noticed that the pool floor was still pretty dirty (it did pick up SOME stuff). So, i took it out of the pool, cleaned the filters and started it back up to see what it was doing.
It starts up fine and it runs fine, so it's not a power issue.
The thing I've noticed is that it seems to be doing wheelies and randomly lifting up. It never used to do this. I'm assuming this is why it's not cleaning as well, since it's not on the ground as much as it needs to be. Has anyone else had this experience? I clean the filter box every time I run it... so I'm not sure what else could be causing this issue.